A few years ago, a client was researching camera systems for his mid-sized fleet. He did an informal survey of drivers and quickly abandoned the idea, fearing that he would have a mutiny at his company if he invited “big brother” into his trucks. Fast forward a few years, and this same fleet owner noticed that many of the owner operators in his fleet were purchasing their own cameras (albeit, forward facing only). These drivers explained that they wanted proof to show that they were not responsible for accidents. Shortly thereafter, the fleet owner decided to install inward and forward-facing cameras in his entire fleet—and didn’t lose a driver in the process.

What explains this cultural shift among drivers during the past few years? In short, truck camera systems—also known as video telematics—are helping fleet owners and drivers to fight back against aggressive plaintiffs’ attorneys. Drivers are also realizing that the cameras are simply “event recorders” and do not record their every move. While the hard data is not fully developed, we’ve heard that up to 70% of claims caught on camera vindicates the truck driver. One video telematics company states that their clients’ claim costs have been reduced by up to 80% through video systems and associated training programs.

The insurance industry is starting to take notice. Direct discounts for video telematics systems aren’t widespread, but underwriters are starting incorporate the adoption of video telematics and other onboard systems into their underwriting criteria. Our clients are benefitting from lower claims and greatly improved, data-driven driver training.

If you have recently installed a camera system, it’s a good time to talk about reducing your insurance costs. If you’re considering an investment in video telematics, we’d be happy to provide non-biased opinions on vendors and systems. Email us or call 1-877-406-5915 to learn how your investment in safety systems can result in lower premiums. You can also click here to receive a quote.

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