Occupational accident insurance provides coverage benefits to independent contractors or owner-operators who are not covered by workers compensation. Does your trucking business rely on contract drivers? You may need occupational accident insurance to ensure that both you and your contractors are protected.

At The Daniel & Henry Company, we provide comprehensive, cost-effective insurance and risk management solutions. Our experienced team of transportation industry professionals will assess your unique exposures and structure a policy suited to the needs of your business. We will be there to assist you every step of the way—from risk evaluation to policy design, safety compliance, claims management, and more.


As a trucking company owner or fleet manager, there are many benefits to having occupational accident insurance. This type of coverage protects both you and your independent contractors. It allows you to offer benefits to your owner-operators, ensuring they will be compensated if they suffer an on-the-job injury while working for you. This helps attract quality contractors to your business and decreases the likelihood that they may file a lawsuit against you in the event of injury or illness.

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