Bobtail insurance is a form of trucking liability insurance that protects you when you operate your truck while you are not under dispatch. Bobtail insurance coverage is commonly required for owner-operators or leased contractors working for commercial motor carriers. At The Daniel & Henry Company, we provide comprehensive, cost-effective insurance and risk management solutions. Our experienced team of transportation industry professionals will evaluate your risks and structure a policy based on the needs of your trucking business.


If you are an owner-operator, obtaining physical damage coverage and bobtail insurance is also critical. Just one uninsured accident may result in losing your livelihood. There are many different coverage options beyond comprehensive and collision coverage that can further help protect your investment in your truck. Not sure which type of bobtail insurance is right for you? Contact the knowledgeable insurance professionals at The Daniel & Henry Company, and we will assess your individual needs.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to get started? Our team of transportation industry professionals will assess your needs and provide you with comprehensive, cost-effective bobtail insurance and risk management solutions