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The Importance of Liability Coverage in Commercial Truck Insurance

February 26, 2024|

Truckers' general liability insurance is a safeguard designed to offer financial protection in cases where you are responsible for causing damage to another's property or inflicting an injury. This crucial coverage is instrumental in mitigating expenses such as property repairs, medical costs, and legal fees if a lawsuit starts against [...]

Top 10 Factors Affecting Commercial Truck Insurance Rates

February 26, 2024|

Ensure the financial security of your business with our commercial insurance for trucks, designed to cover the costs arising from vehicle accidents during the operation of company-owned trucks for work purposes. Tailored for trucks utilized in business activities, this commercial auto insurance safeguards your small business against property damage and [...]

The Risks of Split Coverage and Towing After an Accident

March 23, 2023|

WHAT TOWING RISKS EXIST IF MY TRUCK IS IN AN ACCIDENT AND I HAVE SPLIT COVERAGES? Having a driver involved in a crash is stressful in itself, but motor carriers may compound a bad situation if their liability, physical damage, and cargo coverages are split among multiple insurers. Splitting [...]

Improve Productivity by Keeping People Interested

March 21, 2023|

Employee engagement is a hot topic these days due in large part to the so-called “Great Resignation.” Since the pandemic started, workers in all industries have been quitting their jobs and seeking employment elsewhere. Whether they want greater work-life balance, an increase in pay, or simply to see if the [...]

10 Tips for Passing Inspection Stops with Ease

March 9, 2023|

Roadside inspections create operational delays that may result in financial losses. Every time a truck is stopped for an inspection, this delay may impact key performance indicators tracked by the motor carriers, such as on-time delivery, out-of-service rates, and customer satisfaction, to name a few. To help manage this risk, [...]

How to Control Risks with New Business Evaluations

March 7, 2023|

Before pursuing new business opportunities, it is important for a motor carrier to evaluate the risk and determine how it will impact the entire company. Calculating the financial risk is one key factor in the decision-making process, but also consider how the new business might affect more than just [...]

Improve Motion and Relieve Stress with Proper Stretching

February 15, 2023|

Sitting for prolonged periods behind the wheel or at a desk is bad for your health. Regular stretching can help improve flexibility, circulation, and range of motion. Stretching is also good for stress relief. Here are several stretching techniques to try during rest breaks: As always, you can count on [...]

What Truck Drivers Need to Know About Germ Protection

February 13, 2023|

Influenza (flu), COVID-19, and other contagious respiratory illnesses can be spread by coughing, sneezing, and talking. These illnesses can attack your lungs, nose, and throat. To help reduce the risk of catching one of these illnesses, read the information below about germ protection. Consider these techniques, and then ask yourself [...]

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