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Road Check 2021 Is Over—But Don’t Lose Focus on OOS Violations

We hope that your fleet survived Road Check 2021 with clean inspections! That said, well-run fleets will monitor CSA violations year-round and have an action plan for preventing OOS issues. Your ISS and CSA scores have a significant effect on your commercial truck insurance rates, so it’s critical to continually re-train drivers on CSA, incentivize clean level one inspections, and penalize drivers for preventable violations.

Your CSA Score Action Plan Should Include:

  • Continual driver training on your expectations. This should include pre/post-trip inspection training, review of HOS scenarios, and “town hall” talks with other drivers about current issues on the road.
  • Incentives for clean level one inspections. Remember, violations hurt your scores, but clean inspections help!
  • Penalties for preventable OOS violations. A tiered approach for penalties often works best, but drivers must be aware that there is no excuse for preventable
  • DATAQ! Make someone on your team responsible for managing the DataQ process for erroneous violations. Document them well and fight to improve your scores! Don’t forget to always challenge non-preventable crashes.

The commercial truck insurance team at The Daniel & Henry Company is always here to help you with your CSA and DOT compliance strategies. Call us today to discuss how we can help you lower your scores and insurance costs!

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