Introduction to the Agency

Since 1921, the fundamental objective of The Daniel & Henry Co. has stood unaltered: To provide our clients maximum protection and to provide dedicated service in a timely and efficient manner at the most reasonable cost according to our client’s objectives. This philosophy has provided us a clear, unwavering direction that has made us one of the largest privately owned brokers in the United States. We strive to offer our clients professional knowledge and counsel, and to share with them our practical experience in creating and implementing comprehensive insurance programs tailored to individual


This proposal has been prepared expressly for your use and is intended to provide a simplified explanation of your business insurance program. This proposal may include a partial listing of terms, conditions and exclusions and does not preempt or take the place of the actual insurance contracts. In the event of a discrepancy between the proposal and the insurance contracts, the insurance contracts will dictate the terms of coverage. Should you have a specific question concerning the program or its coverage, please contact our office for assistance.

The proposal is based on the values developed and exposures to loss disclosed to us in our prior discussions with your company. If there are other areas that need to be evaluated prior to binding of coverage, please bring these areas to our attention. Should any of your exposures change after coverage is bound such as beginning new operations, hiring employees in new states, buying additional property, etc., please let us know so proper coverage(s) can be discussed.

For performing sales and service activities, our agency generally receives commission and other forms of incentive compensation from various insurance companies and suppliers with which we have in place a previously existing contingent commission agreement. This compensation is based upon a combination of factors including written premium volume, premium growth, premium or policy retention, and/or underwriting profitability ‐ either individually or in concert with similar producers. Daniel and Henry is now communicating with many of our clients through email and other automated systems. We welcome this type of communication and encourage the use of any system that will expedite communication between our companies.

However, due to the fact that we cannot control the message delivery and retrieval time of email, we must view email in the same category as a “voice‐mail” message. Leaving a message on email, voice mail or facsimile systems does not constitute the binding/altering of coverage in any way. From time to time you may ask us to review a lease, contract or other legal document. We feel it is a necessary and valuable part of our role as your risk advisors to review and comment on the insurance and risk components of these documents. However, we are not practicing attorneys nor should the advice we provide be construed as legal advice.

Please feel free to call a Daniel and Henry representative with any questions.