Employees in the trucking and transportation industry are exposed to a unique set of health risks. Today’s fleet managers are receiving increased pressure to manage, reduce, and compensate for those risks. At The Daniel & Henry Company, we provide comprehensive, cost-effective insurance and risk management solutions. Our team of transportation industry professionals will structure a policy based on the needs of your individual business. By offering comprehensive health insurance for truckers, you are protecting your business’s greatest asset: your employees.

Not sure if you are required to offer health insurance for truckers under the Affordable Care Act? Use this Penalty Calculator provided by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to help determine whether you are required to offer coverage and what your penalty might be. Or, simply contact the knowledgeable insurance professionals at The Daniel & Henry Company.


Studies show that truck drivers are at greater risk for certain types of illness, disease, and injury as compared to employees in other types of industries. Truckers have a higher risk for health conditions related to smoking, sitting for long periods of time without exercise, working long hours, and eating an unhealthy diet. And, of course, they are more prone to work-related accidents—especially traffic accidents. Risks include hernia and hemorrhoid problems, back problems, obesity, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, bodily injury, and even death.

At The Daniel & Henry Company, we are highly experienced when it comes to providing health insurance for truckers. Our team of trucking industry professionals will assess your needs and provide you with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions. Contact us online or call our office at 1-877-406-5915.