Keeping Trucking Insurance Costs Down

trucking insurance costsAt The Daniel & Henry Company, we understand the importance of keeping trucking insurance costs down and protecting your bottom line. We also know that a focus on safety equals a focus on savings. That’s why we provide value-added safety compliance and risk management solutions customized to suit the needs of your trucking business. Our team of transportation industry professionals will work with you to promote a Culture of Safety both in your terminal and on the road. 

Promoting a Culture of Safety

The Daniel & Henry Company provides you with the tools, training, and resources you need to create a Culture of Safety aimed at keeping trucking insurance costs down. We bring industry experience and the shared expertise of our insurance carriers to help you improve the following areas:

  • Driver recruitment and hiring
  • Driver training and retention
  • On-going employee communications
  • Regulatory compliance (DOT, FMCSA, CSA, OSHA, etc.)

Additional Resources for Keeping Trucking Insurance Costs Down

In addition to the value-added services outlined above, the following safety resources may also be helpful in increasing company safety and ultimately decreasing your overall insurance costs:

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