Several Amazon Prime semi trucks parked at loading docks behind a building

Can you start a new Amazon relay business with a rental truck?

Is it possible for me to start a new Amazon relay business with a rental truck?

Yes, you definitely can but you need to be aware of the potential expenses before rushing out to get a truck.

Today’s video discusses several topics:

  • The difficulty in finding a rental truck because of the shortage of truck availability in 2021
  • Potential rental truck costs,
  • The importance of relaying the right truck/vin number to your insurance broker
  • Setting up driver files (applies to owner operators as well)
  • Compliance
  • Why I work with Progressive with new start-ups with rental trucks
  • How insurance rates become more competitive when you gain 2+ yrs of experience
  • Building a safety culture
  • Hiring the right drivers and why you should look for experienced drivers with clean MVR’s
  • An example of a recent quote with young drivers

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