If It’s Not Documented, It Didn’t Happen

We meet with many fleet and safety managers who are boastful about their safety programs. However, when an insurance loss control representative asks for documentation to back up the good story, the evidence is scant. This is exactly what plaintiff’s attorneys love—a fleet with a weak driver training documentation system.

Increasingly, insurance companies not only want to discuss your safety programs, but they also  want to dissect your records showing that those programs are being followed. This may include electronic or written proof of road tests, post-hire training, post-violation remedial training, and proactive, ongoing safety training. As one loss control representative recently stated, “if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.”

A recent Commercial Carrier Journal article includes interviews with safety managers about their safety programs—and how they are documenting their efforts.

If your team needs assistance with your commercial truck insurance, safety programs, or establishing a good recordkeeping system, please contact the transportation insurance professionals at The Daniel & Henry Company today.

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