How to Get Commercial Trucking Insurance for a New Trucking Company

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New Trucking Company Commercial Insurance

When you’re starting a new trucking business, you’ll first need to log onto FMCSA and apply for your DOT authority. There is a 21 day vetting process and you’re authority will not be granted without public liability insurance federal filings and your BOC-3 forms. I’ll help you gather insurance quotes for your business, when you select your payment plan and carrier.

A deposit will be required and once they have approved everything, it will take 24-48 hours to submit your filings to FMCSA to have your authority granted. The Public Insurance requirement for general freight haulers is $750,000 which provides coverage for bodily injury, property damages, and environmental restorations.

You have up to 90 days from filing for your DOT authority before you would need to start the process over if your unable to secure insurance.


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