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Employee engagement is a hot topic these days due in large part to the so-called “Great Resignation.” Since the pandemic started, workers in all industries have been quitting their jobs and seeking employment elsewhere.

Whether they want greater work-life balance, an increase in pay, or simply to see if the grass is greener on the other side, workers are moving on and forcing employers to pivot in order to keep the wheels rolling, so to speak.

Turnover is nothing new to the trucking industry and represents a significant risk to the company’s success. The driver shortage, coupled with the issues mentioned above, are requiring motor carriers to re-evaluate their processes for attracting and retaining quality talent. This change of talent management strategy requires leaders to get creative and think outside the box if they want to maintain productivity.

One way to approach this issue is to redefine the acronym KPI. Typically associated with key performance indicators, a KPI is a set of metrics used to measure if a company is meeting specific performance goals.

However, this acronym can also be used to reflect a leadership style designed to improve employee engagement. By keeping people interested (KPI) in their jobs and their companies, motor carriers may be able to offset the impact of the great resignation.

Below are several low-cost suggestions to help improve employee engagement. Consider these ideas and the “Call to Action” items below as you evaluate your risk management approach to this issue.



Building a culture where employees want to go to work, and excel on top of that, starts at the top. Senior management’s responsibility is to establish a work environment that reflects company values. For example, establishing a culture with an unwavering commitment to safety demonstrates that the company wants to protect its most valuable asset: people. Likewise, building a culture that focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion can help make everyone feel welcome and respected.


Recognizing employee contributions and giving awards for performance achievements is a great way to keep people interested in their jobs and the company. Whether an employee is recognized in a company-wide email or newsletter, praised in the hallway, or acknowledged in a meeting or company party, showing appreciation for a job well done sends a strong signal to employees that their contributions matter to the company’s success.


Providing opportunities for employees to grow within their roles and with the company can help improve employee engagement. This can start with defining career paths for every job so employees know the next steps in their career ladders. Offering training and education as well as relocating a high performer to a new location to assume a new role can be great motivators to attract and retain talent.



  • Establish a culture that reflects the company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Create an awards and recognition program to celebrate performance achievements.
  • Provide personal growth opportunities to employees.
  • Define career paths for each job.

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