A closeup of a pair of well-worn work boots, with holes in the toes and a layer of dust and dirt.

Proper footwear for Truckers is an essential piece of personal protective equipment.

Wearing protective footwear while working around the truck can help prevent injuries. From avoiding slips, trips, and falls to protecting against objects rolling onto or penetrating your feet, proper footwear is an essential piece of personal protective equipment. Improper footwear can also be uncomfortable and lead to calluses, ingrown toenails, etc. Read the information below and ask yourself how you can better protect yourself and your feet from injury.




          • Do – Wear footwear that meets any company- or customer-specific policy.
          • Do – Wear footwear with slip-resistant soles when working around the truck.
          • Do – Wear footwear with steel toes when working around the truck.
          • Do – Wear footwear made of material that can prevent punctures.
          • Do – Wear footwear that provides ankle support.
          • Do – Wear footwear appropriate for the conditions (i.e., snow, heat, etc.).
          • Don’t – Wear shoes like sneakers, cowboy boots, or sandals that have no traction on the sole.
          • Don’t – Wear damaged shoes that need to be repaired or replaced.



          • Lace and tie your shoes so that shoes fit closely around the heel and ankle.
          • Leave at least a thumb’s width of space in the toe box so your toes have plenty of room.
          • Allow extra room for heavy socks and arch supports.
          • Walk around in the shoes to check for proper fit and comfort.



          • Apply a water-resistant coating, if necessary.
          • Inspect your footwear regularly for signs of wear and tear.
          • Repair or replace any damaged footwear immediately.




          • Wash your feet daily with soap and water, and dry them thoroughly.
          • Treat athlete’s foot, blisters, discolored nails, and other foot problems immediately.
          • Bring a backup pair of shoes on trips for emergencies.
          • Do not share shoes or pedicure tools with others.
          • Examine your feet daily for problems or changes in appearance.
          • Roll a tennis ball under your feet to relieve tension.
          • Use foot powder if needed to keep feet dry.
          • Trim your toenails regularly.
          • Always wear clean socks.
          • Massage your feet regularly.

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