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Worried About a DOT Safety Audit?
Wait Until Freight Brokers Jump Into the Audit Game.

The dreaded DOT safety audit. It’s enough to strike fear in the hearts of many hardened fleet managers. However, there may be a new player in the safety audit game—freight brokers. A bi-partisan bill introduced in Congress would allow freight brokers to establish safety standards for motor carriers. One of the largest freight brokerage industry groups, The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is behind the push for strengthened safety standards.

It’s no secret that commercial truck insurance underwriters use proprietary programs to rate motor carrier safety. Many large freight brokers use third party software to do the same, but with insufficient data on 85% of motor carriers, it’s often a shot in the dark whether a broker is interacting with a safe trucker. With freight brokers increasingly being pulled into nuclear verdicts for “negligent hire” allegations, the TIA and its members are seeking legislative action. In the near future, some motor carriers may find themselves unable to secure loads (and probably insurance).

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