Two orange triangular traffic cones sit on the side of the road with a semi truck in the background.
After a brutal two and a half years for truckers, there are signs that the industry is starting to rebound. According to a recent Fox Business article, freight capacity has dropped sufficiently to potentially lift freight rates. With a record number of trucking companies shutting down last year, it will be up to those who are left standing to keep goods moving. If your company faces the potential for growth this year or in the future, it’s extremely critical that you do so in a safety-minded manner.
• Do not waiver on driver guidelines. One lousy driver can wreck a good company.
• Instill in new hires your dedication to safety and use them to help build your “culture of safety.”
• Don’t let the potential for short-term gains ruin your long-term strategy of safety
• Work with your insurance company on a growth strategy. If they don’t have a seat at the table, any gains could be wiped out by rising insurance costs.
Often,  underwriters look at sudden growth as a massive sign of risk. As insurance rates continue to be a headwind for truckers, it has never been more important to be on top of safety. By ensuring the carriers that all the correct steps are implemented to keep your fleet safe,  will allow premiums to be more competitive in this extremely volatile market.
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