A semi truck with an American flag wrap on the cab and cargo drives down a rural road.
As the nation continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at The Daniel & Henry Company wants to let our trucking industry partners know how deeply thankful we are for your services. When we feed and clothe our families, we know that a trucker played a role in getting these critical supplies to us. While there has been economic uncertainty, truckers keep America moving forward and helped prevent a collapse of the industry. For too long, truckers have been underappreciated, and we hope that the nation sees your dedication and service—it’s time that we return to viewing you as the “Knights of the Road”!
There were numerous stories about truckers risking their health and lives and leaving their families for weeks at a time, as they felt a patriotic duty to fellow Americans. Let’s continue building on positive stories and change the narrative about the trucking industry.
The transportation industry professionals at The Daniel & Henry Company have known for decades that truckers make a lot of sacrifices, and this time has reaffirmed our decades-long dedication to providing the best possible service. If you face insurance challenges during this time, even if you don’t become a client, please feel free to call us for help. We owe you one!
As always, the trucking insurance professionals at The Daniel & Henry Company are here to help our clients grow safely and with insurance costs in mind. If you need help executing your plan for growth, please call us today at 1-877-406-5915 or email us at ClaytonD@danielandhenry.com
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